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    Zante Resorts - Keri Lake


    Keri is in the south west of the island, 20 km from the capital town. Keri is a traditional village with a quaint atmosphere and is one of the only villages on the island to have houses that survived the devastating 1953 earthquake, these are attractive stone built homes set on narrow streets reminding us of a previous era. The village has a central square which offers spectacular views over the Ionian Sea . Keri has a hill top location and has been renowned throughout history as a beautiful area. Herodotus mentioned it as a place that effortlessly combines sea, valleys, pine forests and streams and due to its location and natural resource of petrol it was a popular target for pirate attacks. The people of Keri developed their own form of street theatre and are also known for their love of music, poetry and dancing. Although popular with tourists, Keri remains unspoilt by the effects of tourism and manages to combine tradition & culture harmoniously with beautiful scenery and is without a doubt one of the highest quality tourist spots on the island. Keri Lighthouse is well worth visiting as from this spot is one of the best sunsets on the island, a very romantic destination for couples to watch the sun seemingly disappear into the sea.

    Limni Keri is located 5 km down hill from the village and is the beach of the resort. It has a small harbour and excellent restaurants and cafes line the waterfront. Any visitor should be sure to try the local wine & olive oil, as they are very good quality and reputed to be the best on the island! Most of the businesses are family run in Limni Keri and Keri and they therefore often very friendly welcoming service. Limni Keri is a popular area for diving or snorkelling and to either rent or take a boat trip to the island of Marathonisi , or to the nearby Keri Caves . The views at this beach are breathtaking. Any visit to Keri is sure to provide anyone with an unforgettable experience!

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